Senior Research Scientist
Allen Institute for AI (AI2)
jbragg [at] allenai.org


I am a Senior Research Scientist at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) on the Semantic Scholar Research team.

My research is in AI and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I design, build, and study systems that support knowledge work, such as helping people train and evaluate AI models, or helping scientists discover and read scientific literature. These systems often introduce new AI techniques, or apply existing techniques in new ways. Some of these systems focus on improving access for people with disabilities, such as blind and low-vision readers. My work is interdisciplinary, and I publish in both AI and HCI venues on topics including human-in-the-loop machine learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, crowdsourcing, intelligent user interfaces, recommender systems, data mining, social computing, and accessibility.

Previously, I was in the computer science departments at Stanford (postdoc), University of Washington (Ph.D.), and Harvard College (A.B.). I am also a musician with degrees from New England Conservatory (M.M.) and Harvard College (A.B.).

If you are interested in working with me, please apply to open positions on my team and/or reach out to me directly.


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Conference and Journal


  • The Semantic Scholar Open Data Platform
    Rodney Kinney, Chloe Anastasiades, Russell Authur, Iz Beltagy, Jonathan Bragg, Alexandra Buraczynski, Isabel Cachola, Stefan Candra, Yoganand Chandrasekhar, Arman Cohan, Miles Crawford, Doug Downey, Jason Dunkelberger, Oren Etzioni, Rob Evans, Sergey Feldman, Joseph Gorney, David Graham, Fangzhou Hu, Regan Huff, Daniel King, Sebastian Kohlmeier, Bailey Kuehl, Michael Langan, Daniel Lin, Haokun Liu, Kyle Lo, Jaron Lochner, Kelsey MacMillan, Tyler Murray, Chris Newell, Smita Rao, Shaurya Rohatgi, Paul Sayre, Zejiang Shen, Amanpreet Singh, Luca Soldaini, Shivashankar Subramanian, Amber Tanaka, Alex D. Wade, Linda Wagner, Lucy Lu Wang, Chris Wilhelm, Caroline Wu, Jiangjiang Yang, Angele Zamarron, Madeleine Zuylen, Daniel S. Weld
    CoRR abs/2301.10140
  • Improving the Accessibility of Scientific Documents: Current State, User Needs, and a System Solution to Enhance Scientific PDF Accessibility for Blind and Low Vision Users
    Lucy Lu Wang*, Isabel Cachola*, Jonathan Bragg, Evie Yu-Yen Cheng, Chelsea Hess Haupt, Matt Latzke, Bailey Kuehl, Madeleine Zuylen, Linda Wagner, Daniel S. Weld
    arXiv: 2105.00076 [cs.DL]
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Book Chapter



  • Nayha Auradkar (2022): Masters Student, University of Washington CSE
  • Tae Soo Kim (2022): PhD Student, KAIST Computer Science
  • Srishti Palani (2022): PhD Student, UC San Diego Cognitive Science
  • Nouran Soliman (2022): PhD Student, MIT CSAIL
  • Hyeonsu Kang (2021, 2022): PhD Student, CMU HCII
  • Sanjana Chintalapati (2021): Undergrad, University of Washington CSE
  • Napol Rachatasumrit (2021): PhD Student, CMU HCII
  • Tal August (2021): PhD Student, University of Washington CSE → Young Investigator (soon), Allen Institute for AI, Semantic Scholar
  • Soya Park (2021): PhD Student, MIT CSAIL; interned at Microsoft Research
  • Raymond Fok (2021): PhD Student, University of Washington CSE
  • Rafal Kocielnik (2020): PhD Student, University of Washington HCDE → Postdoc, CalTech
  • Harmanpreet Kaur (2020): PhD Student, University of Michigan CSE